Wild for Wellbeing

Words by  Hannah Mumby
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New Plymouth’s newest café, Wild Pear Kitchen, has found the recipe to success through food that looks good, tastes good, and makes you feel even better.

The owners of New Plymouth’s newest plant-based, vegetarian and vegan cafe, Chere and Bill Bailey, and Chesney Hiroa, opened their new offering early last month, achieving something that has been a long time coming for Chere, in particular.

“I wanted to do this several years ago but ended up going down a different route, so I’m really excited about being here now, not only offering food that’s full of amazing ingredients, but food I’m connected to, and feel good about making and serving.”

Chesney agrees, stating there’s a great deal of satisfaction that comes with creating food that you wholeheartedly know will do people nothing but good.

“You know you’re giving them an amazing energy boost in their day, which just makes us feel really happy,” she says.

The food at Wild Pear Kitchen is about 95 per cent vegan, and 100 per cent plant-based. While their specialties are Wild Hot Bowls and Wild Salad Bowls, there’s also a buffet and range of bakery treats, vegan cheeses and deli products available to purchase. The cheeses are made in-house, as is their plant-based ice cream which is a key ingredient in their vegan iced coffee and iced chocolates, and popular Plant Cookie Time Shake.

Perhaps one of the café’s most popular concepts is its Immunity Boosting Smoothie Bar, where one can order from a range of Super Smoothies or Plant Shakes that are full of ingredients designed to optimise immunity.

The team also provides vegan platters, drinks and plant-based finger foods through their catering service, and “meals to go” that can simply be heated in the oven. These can all be pre-ordered through the Wild Pear Kitchen website and picked up on site.

Everything that leaves their kitchen is packed with superfood ingredients and layered with flavour, which are fast-becoming reasons for their repeat customer base. 

Chere says they’ve been welcomed with open arms by the community, not only through customers they’re attracting, but local and international food growers and gurus who have reached out to share their produce, knowledge and enthusiasm. It’s a great reflection on people becoming more health conscious, says Chere.

“The plant based movement is really on the rise. People are so much more aware now of their own immunity, looking after themselves and what they’re fuelling their bodies with.”

Many of Wild Pear’s ingredients and products come from local growers, while it is also a stockist of the powerful Chaga Mushroom supplement, an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant product that can be mixed into coffee, as well as an exclusive stockist of “the most authentic turmeric liquid ever”, that comes from Samoa.

Located at 178 Devon St East in front of the New Plymouth District Council outdoor eating area, the cafe is currently operating from Tuesday to Saturday as takeaway only under current Covid-19 restrictions, however, will evolve into a dine-in cafe when restrictions ease.

It operates a loyalty programme where customers can sign up via the Wild Pear Kitchen website and receive a 10 per cent discount on their first order, as well as their birthday.  

The project has become the heart and soul of Chere, Chesney and their team, who were also aware of factoring in their own wellbeing when creating the cafe, as well as those of their customers.

“Operationally we’ve designed everything around our own wellbeing as well,” says Chere. 

“Being in hospo for 30 plus years has taught me a lot, and having that emphasis on ourselves will certainly translate to our food, our service, and the vibe we want Wild Pear to have.”

178 Devon Street East, New Plymouth

Phone (06) 759 0447

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