The WOW factor

Words by  Nick Walker
Del Hildred-Toll Del Hildred-Toll

There’s nothing quite like feeling the ambience inside a home for yourself. Or the softness of the carpet under your feet. Or walking into light-filled spaces that make you feel alive and invigorated. 

Some things just have to be experienced to be appreciated. 

This may be the whole point of show homes, and it’s certainly what Andre Papprill Builders have discovered after finishing theirs. 

“It’s great inspiration for anyone looking to build, and it demonstrates the quality workmanship our team strives to achieve,” says co-owner Amanda Papprill. “People come in and say, ‘I didn’t expect this,’ or ‘Wow, stunning; I just love everything about this home.’ All those comments reinforce that we have something quite special.” 

“Quite special” is quite the understatement.

The home at 7 Te Ara O Ngakeiha, off Record Street, in Fitzroy is an outstanding example of attention to detail and cohesion. It’s a tasteful display of what a modern new home can be.

It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms (plus a powder room) and two living areas split across two storeys, but the magic goes far beyond its function. 

It’s feature rich, from cohesive timber touches to understated bedroom feature walls…right down to classy moments of finesse such as knurled gold door handles and a luxurious caesarstone kitchen benchtop.

Most notably, a total of 18 Velux skylights invite in natural light throughout the home, even in typically shadowy nooks and crannies. Andre Papprill is New Plymouth’s only certified Velux installer; something he’s capitalised on to stunning effect.

The upstairs living area is the highlight, with eight individual skylights complementing a large front window that perfectly frames the distant Mt Taranaki.

“We’ve been doing skylights for 12 years, and this is the best example of how light can change a space,” he says. “We wanted a light-filled, calm, serene home. Light really impacts your mood, so it’s not just about the look, it’s about the feel.”

Skylights do far more than brighten the space; they provide automated temperature control for the whole house that users can control from a smartphone app. 

By pre-setting a temperature, the skylights will open and close automatically. The automated solar-powered blinds also open and close to assist, and the skylights even close themselves when it rains. It’s a practical meeting place for convenience and security – you don’t need to risk leaving windows open if you’re out of the house on a summer’s day. 

The home flows easily and naturally, aided by a Hemlock wooden screen that surrounds the internal staircase and allows both air and light to circulate. It continues the timber motif, with matching shades and grains throughout the floors, cabinetry and even light fittings.

Then there’s the things that some building clients don’t think of. The doors are extra high for an added sense of space – particularly if you’re tall. The bedrooms have just a little more space than normal, and there’s plenty of storage throughout.

These little details combine to elevate every aspect of the home.

“Lots of people have commented on the quality of the build; they look closely and they can just tell,” Amanda says. “It comes back to attention to the finer details, the selection of the fittings and the workmanship behind it.”

Andre and Amanda worked with Steven Pearce at Dsigna Concepts on the design, which maximises its footprint on the new subdivision. All things considered, it’s an exceptional advertisement for their team’s capabilities.

Amanda had a hand in the interior design, colour palette and staging, including growing some of the interior plants herself for 18 months. Their three sons even helped with things like staining fences, gardening and vacuuming. 

Andre’s building expertise has already been proven beyond question, with two regional golds at previous Master Builders House of the Year Awards. But this build has also exposed him to the client experience of building; particularly in overcoming the challenges of the last two years.

Building a home will probably never be harder than it’s been for this home, but it’s only strengthened his already high standards.

“I’d go off on 12 hour car trips around the country to get supplies when shortages meant they weren’t available locally, or really have to think creatively to solve tough problems,” he reflects.

“We learned to be flexible and understanding of everyone’s situation. It was about going above and beyond to get the result we wanted to achieve.

“We’ve really enjoyed welcoming visitors into our show home. It’s so lovely to meet new people and see smiling faces come through the door.

“Whoever purchases our show home will have a very special place to call home.”

“The feedback we’ve had has been amazing; people have been blown away,” Amanda and Andre add. “We’re really proud of the finished result; it’s a top quality, feature-filled, unique home.” 

Andre Papprill Builders showhome at 7 Te Ara O Ngakeiha, Fitzroy is open for public viewing from 11am-2pm Thursdays and Fridays, and 1-3pm Sundays, or by appointment. Come and talk to us about how we can achieve your building dreams.

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