Ripple provides Wave of Support

Josh Hickford Josh Hickford

Taranaki have teamed up and created an app for anyone touched by cancer.

Ripple is a new app that offers a mobile, 24/7 support service. Cancer has a ripple effect on society, but the support services and community resilience can offer an equally as powerful return ripple effect. 

The foundation of Ripple is its users. 

These users can be anyone from patients and survivors to caregivers, family, whanau, friends, specialists and anyone impacted by cancer. 

Ripple focuses on forums as a means of sharing firsthand experiences, knowledge and stories to help others through their journey, no matter where they reside in New Zealand. Ripple will connect people from Kaitaia to Bluff, giving all users the same level of support regardless of location. Resources and other support services will be readily available. Users can track their wellbeing and energy levels daily – this is expected to improve the wellness of patients and survivors as they overcome and recover from their treatment. Ripple is essentially a network to empower and connect people affected by cancer. 

Ripple was founded and born from the vision of cancer survivor Josh Hickford, who admits he never noticed the Cancer Society Support Centre down the road from his house — until he needed it. The 30-year-old Survivor NZ contestant and cancer survivor has taken on a few challenges in the last two years. Being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the beginning of 2017, the New Plymouth local’s life changed in a flash and treatment started not long after. 

After receiving chemotherapy and radiation, his relentless attitude and desire to give back to the community was in action. Having been through the journey he sought other challenges like being a Survivor NZ contestant and completing the Taupo 70.3 half Ironman. This was all in a bid to raise awareness and as much money as he could for the Taranaki Centre to bring this vision to life. 

Josh’s efforts ensured that Cancer Society Taranaki are now able to launch a nation-wide app. “I wanted to help connect people – family, whanau, friends and patients – to give peace of mind, empower and share their experience with others. You really cannot underestimate the use of firsthand advice.” 

New Zealand Comedian, David Downs, and author of ‘A Mild Touch of the Cancer’ adds to this; “When you need help, it’s the community around you – friends, family, sometimes strangers – that can make all the difference. Knowing where and how to get the information you need is a key part to being active in your own treatment, and Ripple will allow people to get this information in a way that’s easy for them.”

Ripple launched on 28th November and is available to anyone across New Zealand wanting to download this for free.

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