Integrated Skin Care at iDERM

Words by  Hannah Mumby
Roger Richardson Roger Richardson

New Plymouth can now claim the most comprehensive dermatology clinic in the lower North Island, says owner, dermatologist Dr. Lisa Connelly.

Integrative Dermatology, or Iderm, has just opened a new clinic in the heart of New Plymouth. The stylish and luxurious premises are home to the most comprehensive and cutting edge skin care available. 

“It is Iderm’s vast range of services and integrative approach that ultimately sets it apart, Lisa believes.

The Molesworth St clinic is the first of its kind in New Plymouth, offering a wide variety of treatments that range from the medical and surgical to the cosmedic.

“My passion is promoting healthy skin — which often involves integrative medical treatments with an evidence-based skincare regimen to achieve the best personalised treatment for any skin, hair, or nail problem,” Dr. Connelly explains. “We designed Iderm to offer people my medical expertise with a team of skin care professionals to deliver a complete integrated approach to skin health under one roof.”

The clinic offers scar revision and also their trademark Mole Surveillance Plus consultation. Plus patients can find the most up-to-date beauty treatments, including peels, dermal fillers, and anti-wrinkle injections.

Dr. Connelly’s nearly two decades of experience as a dermatologist ensure that her patients receive the best care for a range of skin conditions, including acne, rashes, skin inflammation, sun damage, skin cancer and psoriasis. 

And the new clinic ensures that she has the space to treat it all.

“Often people think they need to go outside the area for help because it has been that way for a number of years. I am delighted that we can offer such specialised care to our patients here in New Plymouth,”  says Dr. Connelly, who is also the only qualified paediatric dermatologist in the lower North Island. 

In addition to seeing patients at the new Molesworth St clinic, Dr. Connelly offers a specialty paediatric dermatology clinic at Taranaki Base Hospital, the only one of its kind in the country outside of Auckland’s Starship Hospital.

Perhaps the best example of the comprehensive approach Iderm offers, is their signature Mole Surveillance Plus consultation — critical to anyone who spends time enjoying the New Zealand sun. 

Unlike the more familiar “mole mapping,” Dr. Connelly’s Mole Surveillance Plus goes beyond a full body scan to check moles, potential skin cancers and

provides a complete skin health check-up. This means that patients leave the clinic not only with treatment plans for any mole or other skin cancer abnormalities but also come away having improved their overall skin health, whether by addressing an untreated rash or skin infection or by discovering an otherwise undiagnosed condition. For patients, this comprehensive approach means both convenience and peace of mind.

In addition to addressing any and all medical skin conditions, Iderm also has an in-house aesthetic skincare expert. 

Lee Newton is a beauty therapist with over 20 years experience and extensive product knowledge. Her expertise in skin care complements Dr. Connelly’s medical experience.

“Our focus is on that bigger picture. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body so it needs to be taken care of,” says Lee. “It’s not just about the present state of your skin, but looking into its past, and protecting its future. Our philosophy is about getting to the root of the problem, not simply treating symptoms.”

Lee, in consultation with Dr. Connelly, ensures that her patients’ skin looks and feels healthy through a range of peels, traditional facials and the new Aquaglo facial, often in conjunction with prescribed home skincare regimens. 

Through its beautiful product display, the team at Iderm ensure that their patients go home with the best skincare regimen to complement their clinical treatments and prescription medications.

“Skincare really matters, and what you choose has to work with whatever underlying medical condition you might have going on,” Dr. Connelly explains. “With certain illnesses, prescriptions or treatments, your skin will often change and require a different skincare regime.”

As well as general skincare products, the clinic’s product range showcases the best in collagen, gut health, sunblocks and skin cancer supplements. The clinic is the main Taranaki supplier of the sought-after Heliocare range, used by the likes of local surfers Paige Hareb and Ariana Shewry.

“These oral supplements help to repair the earliest of UV light induced damage to skin cells,” Dr. Connelly explains. “They offer extra protection and are great for those outdoors enthusiasts who find it difficult to cover certain parts of their bodies such as hands, neck and face.”

Iderm’s vast range of services and products meant the new clinic needed to have a layout that complemented each of those, as well as the multi-generational clients they treat daily. 

The fit out was completed by Bruce the Builder and his team, alongside Xcel joinery, RJ Eagar, Creative Curtains, Sign Project, Brad Nagle and Favour the Brave. 

“We are grateful to these local businesses who provided such a high level of attention to detail and are the reason this space works so well,” says Dr. Connelly. 

Its four procedure rooms, reception and consultation space flow seamlessly to optimise comfort and functionality.

“This new clinic really is a dream come true. I’ve had a lot of years of experience to figure out exactly what I want, and also what will work well for our team and the clients we have at iderm, and this is certainly it,” comments Dr. Connelly.

“Our clients will always receive the most up-to-date knowledge and this new space is really allowing us to deliver that in the most beneficial way possible.”

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