How Good is this Place?

Words by  Irena Brooks

I’m writing this on the last day of January.

It’s 10am, sunny again, and no wind.

Husband Tony and I have just returned from a walk along the beach and a swim in the crystal clear water of the Tasman Sea.

The doors are open, we’ve had a coffee on the deck and breakfast is cooking … so begins another working week in the lifestyle capital of the world.

To those of us who live here, it was no surprise New Plymouth won the title of The World’s Most Liveable City (75,000 – 100,000) — again.

We have a lot going for us and Nick Walker looks at what we’re doing well and the things we need to improve upon to make sure we keep our title.

Of course, by the time you read this, summer may already be fading rapidly into the pre-Omicron days of yore.

We’re being warned to prepare for thousands of cases per day and disruption to services as people become infected or exposed, and need to isolate.

I’m a bit nervous about this issue and when we’ll actually get it printed and distributed.

But like other business owners, I’m carrying on until I can’t, and hoping for the best.

A bit like climbing Mt Taranaki really … prepare yourself mentally, physically and surround yourself with good people, then just put one foot in front of the other.

Thanks to the other like-minded women I shared New Year’s Day with, who all wanted to start 2022 doing something awesome.

Live life,

Irena Brooks
(4th from left)

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